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Vodacom Mozambique to set up data centre as primary national core network facility

TT Correspondent | 12 Sep 2013

Vodacom Mozambique has ordered an eCentre of 500sqm open floor space for its new primary switching centre to be deployed in the industrial zone of Tchumene in Matola, just outside the capital Maputo. The new data centre will be installed early next year.

The new data centre will be used as Vodacom Mozambique’s primary national core network facility. Vodacom Mozambique, which operates theleading mobile network in the country, has embarked on a strategic network rollout program that will significantly increase its network capacity during current financial year. The new data centre is designed to capture the subscriber and data traffic growth resulting from this network expansion.

Already the most reliable mobile network operator in Mozambique, the new facility will ensure that Vodacom’s customers will continue to enjoy its services unaffected by future capacity upgrades or changes to its network topology. The new primary data centre will also provide a more secure and spacious environment for existing network equipment.

The facility will consist of 12 eCentre modules, all manufactured and fully equipped at Flexenclosure’s factory in Sweden. eCentre’s pre-fabrication and modularity ensures project predictability and swift deployment, which is critical in fast growing developing markets. This saves considerable time and money compared to constructing traditional brick and mortar buildings. In addition, more efficient power and cooling will make a pre-fabricated data centre “greener” and more cost effective to run.

“We are delighted to receive such a large and prestigious order from Vodacom Mozambique, especially so soon after our last eCentre deployment for them,” said David King, CEO, Flexenclosure. “This is clear proof that eCentre is the best option if you are looking for a modern, high quality and energy efficient data centre, that is quick to deploy and ensures flexibility to expand when needed.”

"Our experience of working with Flexenclosure on our Maputo data centre was extremely positive, so our comfort level is high in deciding to go with eCentre for our primary switching centre in Matola,” said Jerry Mobbs, Managing Director, Vodacom Mozambique. “With eCentre, project speed, quality and predictability are all ensured and all our requirements will be met using a complete, fully integrated and energy efficient solution.”

Since 2001 when the first eCentre was installed in Nigeria, Flexenclosure has installed eCentres in West, Central and North Africa, and now also in Southern Africa. To date the majority of Flexenclosure’s installations of eCentre have been in Africa, providing extensive experience and knowledge of data centre deployments in the region. In total, almost 6,000sqm of eCentre area has been deployed in Africa.

Mozambique’s annual growth rate is approximately 8 per cent. The mobile communication penetration rate is still well below the African average atapproximately 39 per cent.

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