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Exset launches solutions for cable operators

TT Correspondent | 03 Aug 2012

Netherland based Exset has launched its India initiative for the Indian television cable industry christened ''The India Page'.

“Keeping in view the digitization of the Cable Television in this country, we have introduced a unique proposition for the cable operators which will enable them to meet the challenges of digitization, and also result in positive impact on their revenue stream,” said Rahul Nehra, Global Head Sales & Chief Marketing Officer, Exset.

The Indian initiative announcement was made at the Conference held for Cable Operators titled “Digitization is Monetization”.  During the Conference, Nehra introduced various models which could be adopted by the Cable Operators during the digitization process across Metro Cities during the first phase of the cable digitization.

Currently, the Cable Operators across India are depended on monthly subscription fee for their revenue, which will change once the process of digitization starts in India. “The revenue stream for the local cable operators will take place once they are able to offer more value added services to the end customers. Exset’s solution will enable them to do so by connecting them to the flow of information,” said Stephen Wong, Head of Sales Asia Pacific, Exset.

According to Wong, by providing value added services through TV via Set Top Box, the market dynamics for the local cable operators will undergo a change. “In the present scenario, a local cable operator does not have any share of revenue in the carriage and value added service (VAS). The revenue generated under these two headings is 100 per cent with the Multiple System Operator (MSO). However, after the introduction of Digital Monetization Solutions (DMS), the revenue distribution will change considerable,” added Wong.

“With the introduction of such a solution for local cable operators, not only the revenue will increase for the local cable operators, but will also further enhance the end customer experience,” said Roop Sharma, President Cable Operators Federation of India.

With the digitization of cable TV industry about to happen, it is expected that the end customers experience will upgrade from just video services to a regular flow of information and value added service.