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WhatsApp rolls out stickers feature for Android and iOS users

TT Correspondent | 06 Nov 2018

WhatsApp has rolled out its stickers feature just a few weeks ago for Android and iOS users and since then you might have been receiving many WhatsApp stickers. After English and Hindi stickers, WhatsApp is also rolling out stickers in regional languages including Malayalam. People are making the most of these stickers in this festive season. As is evident, Dhanteras and Diwali stickers have become an instant rage.

All the WhatsApp stickers packs are free. What is interesting that when you receive a sticker, you can add that stickers pack to your WhatsApp sticker pack instantly. All you have to do is to click on the sticker and select 'Add to favourites' from the pop-up option.

However, considering that it is new and many would not be familiar with them, here we provide a quick guide for you:

* To get the WhatsApp stickers, your app should have the latest version. So, if have not updated your app, you must do it first

* Once updated, open your WhatsApp

* Go to any chat

* Click on the Emoji icon appearing beside the text box (for Android users)

* In the bottom panel, you will see three options - one of emoji, second of GIF and the third one is of stickers

* Click on the sticker symbol

* If you have not used any stickers, it will show - "You haven't sent any stickers yet" written over there

* On the right-hand top corner of the box, you may spot a ( + ) symbol

* Click on the symbol and it will show a list of stickers which you can download and send to your contacts

* At the bottom of the list, you will spot -a play store symbol with 'Get More Stickers' text

* If you click on it, it will redirect you to the Play Store where a list of sticker app will appear.  You can download any of them as well.

However, if your app doesn't get the feature even after you update it, then you are left with only two choices - either wait for another update or back up your chat history and reinstall WhatsApp again.